Lehmwand, Congress Centrum Alpbach, Tirol, Österreich

The Sir Karl Popper Hall is one of the 5 flexible halls in the level 1 East area of the Congress Centrum Alpbach and fulfils multi-functional purposes. 

  • window front with a view to the forecourt
  • direct access to the art foyer with glass spiral
  • latest technology

The various rooms/halls in the Congress Centrum Alpbach are named after notable personalities and sponsors, who have special associations with the "European Forum Alpbach".

Sir Karl Raimund Popper (1902 - 1994)

The Austrian born philosopher Sir Karl Popper taught in England and is considered the founder and main representative of critical rationalism. In critical debates about logical positivism with the Vienna Circles, he established a general scientific theory and a theory of methodology. In addition to the "Logic of Scientific Discovery", in the 1940s he conceived the political philosophy named "Open Society" as a means of defending freedom against totalitarian ruling systems. The intellectual fertilisation which the "European Forum Alpbach" received in the first 15 years came from his philosophy and cannot be overestimated.


  • day light (can be fully darkened)
  • parquet floor
  • flipchart
  • pinboard
  • screen
  • set-Up (first seating included)
  • additional technic flexibly designed state-of-the-art-technology referring to customer request

Theatre-style seating
Classroom-style seating

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